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Medical Transcription/Office assistance/small business web design
Lillian Carr
Medical Transcription
  • Line rate 0.12 cents.
  • Daily pickup/delivery in Monroe, St. Clair, South St. Louis County.
  • Conventional microcassette tapes or go digital with an Olympus DS2000 handheld recorder (provided free with one-year contract, minimum work amount may apply). Record your dictation on removable media card and I can either pick up the removable card or you can upload your dictation to a secure file transfer site where I can download it, transcribe and return it to you, eliminating the need for pickups and speeding up turnaround.
Basic Web Design Services:
  • Flat rate of $25 per hour; maintenance updates $15.00/hr.
  • A simple site with 1 page is $50.
  • Includes page design and layout and graphic design. I can scan your images and also create custom graphics with Adobe Photoshop.
  • I use either Dreamweaver or FrontPage 2000.
  • You need to have an internet account with server access or visit Web Host Reviews, Web Host Site Directory, or HostReview.com for tips on selecting a webhost.
Other Services:
  • General word processing
  • Data storage or photo storage to cd-roms. 
Lillian Carr
6737 Woodhill Run, Waterloo, IL 62298
618-939-9432 or lillian@zeracreations.com
We are based in the St. Louis Metro Area.  Please contact us at lillian@zeracreations.com for more information on our services.  Thanks for visiting.
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